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Helping tech brands and leaders with content solutions. Have experience working with a host of promising startups including brands from Forbes’ Cloud 100 and CB Insights’ AI 100 listings.

Delivering outstanding content with 3 key features:

Easy-to-Read | High Engagement | Expert Insights


Offering a series of high-engagement technical articles that aim to drive the target audience to the brand’s website, leading them to eventually trust the brand’s expertise over the course of the series. Worked with 20+ brands.


For brands looking for one-time engagements, I help out with standalone articles, website copies and user documentation for tech products.


Helping tech leaders to build their personal brand by writing tech-based social media content, articles, and video scripts aligned to their voice or thought pattern. Worked with multiple CEO, CTO, and other C-Suite profiles.


I reached out to Samadrita for freelance content writing on Data Analytics. She did a fabulous job in understanding the topic selected on the subject given. She sticks to the timelines and gives the best output possible.

Vineeth Vankara
Vice-President, ThoughtFolks Digital

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Samadrita for technical writing skills in the our’s blog. Her writing and research skills are truly phenomenal – for her projects in, she researched and wrote a remarkable study of machine learning algorithms, frameworks, and tools. Samadrita is extremely accountable to deadlines and skilled at working independently, while at the same time is proactive about contributing to the team and collaborating with her colleagues. Because she’s so accountable and communicative, I have no doubt that Samadrita will excel in a remote role with a distributed team.

Pawel Kijko
Head of Growth, | CEO, Heraldbee

Samadrita has meticulousness quality in understanding and inspecting vital aspects. Her analytical thoughts are always significant and very clear. She is humble and easy to converse. It will be great to work with her and wish her all the best!

Jagtaran Kaushal
Speech Engineer, Uniphore

We were all really happy with your work and the contributions you have made. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Lavi Nigam
Data Scientist, Gartner | Senior AI/ML Faculty, INSAID

I really appreciate the knowledge and expertise that Samadrita carries in the space of AIML! Her approach towards the work showcases her orientation for details of the problems and path to be adopted for the same, sincere attitude and emphasis towards quality of work produced and promptness in the responses after completion of the work. Definitely all these qualities I have observed over the very strict timelines that have been integral requirement for each of her assignments! I would highly recommend her for opportunities in the evolving world of AIML / Data Science!

Pravin Pawar
Asst. Professor, BITS Pilani | Principal Technical Staff, Oracle

Samadrita has right attitude to learn and deliver in time. Very clear approach to problem and sharp learning curve.

Nidhi Mittal
Automation Architect, Ericsson

Beyond her role as a data scientist, Samadrita is an outstanding mentor. I was highly impressed by not only how strong her technical skills is, but also how good a communicator and mentor she is. Her suggestions / Feedback are very clear, to the point, constructive . I have gone through her some blogs that are very well written and informative . keep it up and all the best!

Koushik Sinha
Engineer at Government of India

Samadrita is a girl with great writing skill. Love her writeups. Would definitely recommend her as a Writer.

Kamelia Yesmin
Senior Writer, Digital Aptech


Samadrita is a Technical Writer specializing in AI/ML and emerging tech. She has worked with Forbes’ Cloud 100 and CB Insights’ AI 100 brands, and is passionate about solving tech content needs of promising tech brands and leaders.

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